One-stop go at Gemini soon
Dedicated Lanes & Simultaneous Movement Of Vehicles On Anna Flyover To Enable Free Flow Of Traffic.

Waiting time under Anna flyover at the Gemini junction may soon reduce with the highways department planning to redirect the flow of traffic, remove the roundabout, and create more lanes. The department sent a cost estimate to the transport secretary for approval on Monday.

More than 20,000 cars use the Anna Salai-Nungambakkam High Road junction at Gemini every hour during peak traffic. The highways department has approved a proposal from a non-governmental organisation Chennai City Connect to change the flow of traffic and replace the ro u n d ab o u t with eight traffic islands.

The plan is to dedicate separate lanes for vehicles taking a right from Cathedral Road towards Thousand Lights on Anna Salai and for those turning right from Nungambakkam High Road onto Anna Salai towards Teynampet. The movement of vehicles in both these directions will be at the same time.

“The traffic density is the highest in these directions,” said Mark Selvaraj, technical director of Landtech Engineers Pvt Ltd, consultants for the project. “This will reduce the pile-up of vehicles at the junction,” he said.

The current six signal phases will be reduced to three. The roundabout will be removed to make space for more lanes. Instead, eight traffic islands will be created and the horse statue will have to be relocated. The traffic islands will segregate vehicles moving in different directions. “They will also act as a refuge for pedestrians trying to cross the road,” said Selvaraj.

Currently, all traffic going from Nungambakkam to Teynampet, Cathedral Road to Thousand Lights and beachbound traffic from G N Chetty Road have to wait at two signals before they can leave the intersection. “Not only do traffic police require more manpower but the signals also make vehicles wait longer,” said Selvaraj.

According to the highways department, the project cost is estimated to be around 90 lakh. “The changes have been welcomed by the traffic police and our engineers. The budget is not a problem and we expect approval from state government soon,” said a senior highway official. “The transport minister did express his concern over the loss of aesthetic value,” he said.

Selvaraj said the changes have been designed on a shortterm basis with quick benefits. “The islands can be beautified according to international standards and the changes can be implemented in three weeks,” he said.


Phase 1 | The right turn | Vehicles taking a right from Nungambakkam High Road to Teynampet and from Cathedral Road to Thousand Lights will move at the same time. By allowing vehicles in these two directions to flow simultaneously, backlog of vehicles is reduced to a great extent

Phase 2 | Straight forward | Vehicles from Nungambakkam High Road to Cathedral Road and vice versa will move simultaneously

Phase 3 | G N Chetty Rd and ahead | Vehicles going from G N Chetty Road to Thousand Lights and Cathedral Road will travel at the same time

Source – Times Of India

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