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Chennai Metro Rail Project work at High Court Station

As a part of Chennai Metro Rail Project work at High Court Station, the South bound traffic from Broadway Signal to Raja Annamalai Mandram on Esplanade Road will be closed from 27.11.2011. The North bound traffic from Raja Annamalai Mandram to Broadway Junction on Esplanade Road will ply as usual.

The commuters from Prakasam Salai intend to go to Anna Salai or Adyar shall take left in the NSC Bose Road via Parrys Corner, RBI Sub-way to reach their destination.

The commuters from Prakasam Salai intend to go to EVR Salai/Central Railway Station shall take right in NSC Bose Road, via C1 Flower Bazaar Police Station, MMC Point to reach the destination. There is no change in the NSC Bose Road traffic.

The arrangement will be in force till the completion of station works.


Traffic Diversions on 100ft. Road, 2nd, 3rd & 4th Avenues & Pulla Avenue for Metro Rail Project

The CMRL is going to execute the underground station work at 3 places from Thirumangalam to Chintamani on 2nd Avenue, Anna Nagar. Due to this work the movement of traffic on II Avenue, 100 feet road and Shanthi Colony will be changed from 15.12.2011.

1) The 13th Main Road Anna Nagar will be made one way for the entire stretch from 18th Main Road upto II Avenue with entry from 18th Main Road and no entry from II Avenue.

2) The 100 feet road will be made one way from II Avenue up to 18th Main Road junction with entry from II Avenue and no entry from 18th Main Road.

3) The vehicles coming from Padi fly over towards Koyambedu will take left into Anna Nagar 18th Main Road and join 13th Main Road and turn right onto 2nd Avenue and take left towards 100 feet Road to reach Koyambedu.

4) The vehicles coming from Koyambedu intending to go towards Anna Nagar Roundabout will pass through Thirumangalam junction, take right at VI Avenue and again right onto 13th Main road turn left at II Avenue to reach their destination or they can turn into Shanthi Colony IV Avenue to reach Anna Nagar Roundanna.

5) Motorists intending to go to SBOA School from 18th Main Road should take 13th Main Road and 17th Main Road to reach 100 feet Road to their destination.

6) Motorists from Mogappair intending to go to Koyambedu and Anna Nagar should take left on 100 feet Road and go via VI Avenue and 13th Main Road to reach II Avenue turn right towards Koyambedu or left towards Anna Nagar round about.

7) The route from Koyambedu to Padi remains unaltered.

8) Motorists coming from SBOA School intending to go to Anna Nagar will take left to 100 feet Road via 18th Main Road, 13th Main Road to reach II Avenue turn right towards Koyambedu or left towards Anna Nagar round about.

9) The stretch in between Chintamani up to Anna Nagar roundabout will be made as one way with entry from Chintamani and No entry from 3rd Avenue.

10) The stretch in between Anna Nagar roundabout up to Thirumangalam will be made one way with entry from Thirumangalam and No entry from III Avenue.

11) Motorists coming from Chintamani along II Avenue intending to go to Thirumangalam, will turn left onto III Avenue and take right into Shanthi colony to reach their destination.

12) Vehicles from Anna arch intending to go to K-4 P.S. Roundana will take the route via Shanthi colony, V Avenue (Blue Star), right onto II Avenue to reach their destination.

13) The stretch in between Shanthi colony and Blue star (V Avenue) will be made one way with entry from Shanthi colony and No entry from II Avenue.

14) 3rd main road between Shanthi colony and II Avenue will be made one way towards II Avenue.

15) 6th Main road between Ayappan temple and Shanthi colony will be made one way towards Shanthi Colony.

16) The Shanthi colony stretch between III Avenue up to V Avenue Junction will be made one way with entry from III Avenue.

17) Two-way traffic will be allowed on the Shanthi colony stretch in between V Avenue up to 100 feet road.

18) The existing 3 MTC bus stops located at Anna Nagar roundana, Blue Star and 12th Main road on II Avenue towards Thirumangalam, will be shifted to the parallel road IV Avenue (Shanthi colony) in front of 3rd main road, V Avenue and 12th main road respectively.


In Case of Road Accident | Chennai Traffic Police

The Road Traffic Accident Team is functioning round the clock Listed Hospital ready to admit the accident victim.

Public What to Do?
1. Give Information to the nearest police personnel on duty
2. Give Information to the Traffic Control Room – Call 103 – 044-28521323, 044-23452362, 044- 42042300 & 98400 17626 Help line
3. Give First Aid to the injured
4. Take the injured to the nearest Hospital
5. Note the Registration Numbers of the vehicles involved
Note: The driver of the faulty vehicle shall take the injured to the nearest hospital for treatment & give information to police. In case of failure, he is liable for punishment under section 134 (a) (b) of Motor Vehicles Act 1988.

Duty Doctor – What to Do?
The Duty Doctor shall make necessary entry in the Accident Register (AR), admit the injured, give treatment and give information to the police.

Duty of the Traffic Police [Enforcement] – What to Do?
1. Send the injured to the nearest Hospital
2. Mark the SOC, remove the vehicles involved and ensure free flow of traffic
3. Note down the registration number(s) of the vehicles involved / date / time and place of occurrence
4. Involved vehicles may be detained and handed over to the investigation team

Traffic Investigation Team – What to Do?
Immediately after getting information regarding the accident, rush to the accident spot . If the injured are still at the spot, first aid to be given and be sent to the nearest Hospital for treatment.

Get the complaint, register a case,investigate, arrest the accused and produce the vehicles concerned before the Motor Vehicle Inspector for MV test . After completion of investigation, the Investigation Officer shallsubmit final report before the Honourable jurisdictional court forfurther trial.

In simple accident cases, if the parties involved are agreed for a compromise, they have to make a written statement of compromise before the jurisdiction Investigation Officer.

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The city traffic police plan to install redlight cameras at all 240 traffic signals

The city traffic police plan to install redlight cameras at all 240 traffic signals to zero in on stolen vehicles. “The redlight camera system, to be installed in a couple of months, will be fully automatic. There will be at least three cameras positioned at the corners of every intersection and will all be linked to a computer in the master control room. The devices will automatically photograph vehicles that are stolen or whose drivers jump signals,” said M Ravi, additional commissioner of police (traffic).

The cameras will help record minute details of stolen vehicles and also those violating red-light signals. The project, estimated to cost Rs 10 crore, will be funded by the state government and the World Bank.

The project is a first-ofits-kind intiative and aimed at bringing Chennai on a par with cities in the UK and US. Officials would also feed vehicle registration details into the system. “The moment we get a complaint about a stolen vehicle, the person in the control room will feed the details in the server. When the vehicle passes through the camera-equipped intersections, the device will alert the police stations and the police will be able to easily trace the vehicle. If the number of the stolen vehicle is changed, the device will also say that the number plate and modes do not match. It will alert the control room,” added Ravi.

Ravi said the cameras would also help find out all the previous violations against the vehicles concerned, especially if some of them had jumped traffic signals continuously. The vehicle would be traced and the culprit arrested. There was also a plan to implement the idea across the state if the project proved to be successful in Chennai, he said.

A ten-member technical committee, headed by Ravi and experts from IIT Madras and Anna University, submitted a detailed report in this regard to the state government.

He said that city traffic police also planned to set up a boom barrier system in the city on the lines of those in European countries. If the signal shows red then a barricade (boom barrier) will block the road like railway gates. It will help reduce traffic violations at signals and help pedestrians to cross the roads.

“The boom barrier system will be implemented at 50 major junctions. A single boom barrier costs around Rs 2.5 lakh. This system will help divert the traffic when VIPs pass on the routes or in case of emergency situations like major accidents,” said Ravi. He said that city police department had constructed the Traffic Education Centre (TEC) in the campus of the new commissionerate, where they would teach about the new system, adding that traffic police had planned to introduce the traffic interceptor vehicles that would help in chasing speeding vehicles.

Source:Times Of India
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Kaanum Pongal – Chennai traffic

A sea of humanity could be seen at theme parks, entertainment zones, beaches and shopping malls on Monday, with families going on an ‘outing spree’ on Kaanum Pongal Day on Monday.

Almost every recreational area claimed to have surpassed its previous record of visitors received, thanks to Kaanum Pongal. The Vandalur Zoo, for instance, saw its highest turnout of 57,200 persons. Last year it was 51,000, according to officials.

The Trade Fair at Island Grounds was swelling with crowd, all the three days with a total of nearly 2.5 lakh persons having visited the place, where games and food are big attractions for children and adults alike. On Monday, over 1.5 lakh people thronged the venue, said organisers.

The Semmozhi Poonga on Cathedral Road and the Anna Centenary Library in Kotturpuram, two new attractions, were also popular. The Poonga saw nearly 17,000 people flock from morning till 6 in the evening. The daily average is around 6,000 visitors. The Library had nearly 3,200 people and officials said that after a point, they had to restrict entry of people.

The Metropolitan Transport Corporation ran 200 additional bus services from different parts of the city. That at least was not enough for people heading to the beach as buses remained full. But quite a few regular commuters observed that the traffic congestion was rather less.

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Traffic Guidelines

• When driving, always carry your driving license and important valid documents such as your vehicle registration certificate, insurance certificate, road tax & P.U.C certificate

• Don’t Drink and Drive

• Obey all traffic signals, boards and signs

• Use the indicator or hand signals when changing lanes

• Adhere to permitted speed limits

• Don’t use your cell phone while driving. If urgent, move to the extreme left, halt and then make the call

• Irrespective of right of way, stay alert and be considerate to pedestrians especially senior citizens, handicapped and children

• Avoid parking on the road. Use pay-and-park bay

• Do not ride or wheel your vehicle on to the footpath

• Do not overload your vehicles – be it luggage or passengers

• Wear seat belts

• Always drive in correct gear

• When passing a stationery vehicle, allow sufficient clearance for the car doors which may open suddenly

• Avoid sudden braking and harsh acceleration

• Slow down at zebra crossing and if need stop the vehicle

• Never use the clutch as a footrest while driving