Abirami Mega Mall, Chennai

Abirami Mega Mall, Purasalwakkam, Chennai

Has brought Snow Fall in Chennai by creating the India’s First Snow Cave at Abirami Mega Mall. Has opened Abirami Kids World with a Jungle Theme and Abirami Kissing Cars with an alien atmosphere and teens world with many entertaining games for the teens.

Created the first 5 star theatre of India – Swarna Sakthi Abirami – with chairs which reclined 100% and a waiter on call. The lobby and the washrooms are also air conditioned. For the first time photo cards and displays are through digital screens. The ambience is of a 2000 year palace of Egypt.

Created the second 5 star theatre of India – Shree Annai Abirami – with chairs which reclined 100% and a waiter on call. The lobby and the washrooms are also air conditioned. For the first time photo cards and displays are through digital screens. The ambience is of a 2000 year palace of China.

Created the first 7 Star theatre of India – Abirami 7 Star with unique features like massage chairs, reclining seats and waiter on call facilities. The lobby waiting rooms and the washrooms are all fully air conditioned. The ambience is of the Spanish Opera House. The screen is 3-D capable. Pick up and drop facility in limousine and valet parking are the other additional features.

Received many Awards by different Associations for the International Women’s Day.

Received an award for the Social service – for the welfare of Women & Children by Paalam an NGO by three Vice Chancellers on the occasion of Diamond Jubilee Celebrations of Indian Independence – January 2008.

Recently received the degree on Acupuncture, Acupressure, Magnet therapy, Flowers therapy colours and other related therapies.

A person of perseverance, achievements, ambition and innovative ideas.

Abirami Snow World:

Abirami Mega Snow World is unique by itself being the first in Tamil Nadu and also it is a first Snow Cave all over the World. The main features of Abirami Mega Snow World are :

  • 1st time in the World lightning, thunder and snow storm (140 KM speed wind)
  • Firey Ice Slide
  • Ice sculptures
  • The Snow produced is manufactured out of pure Mineral Water and a reverse osmosis plant has been erected for the same.
  • Abirami Mega Snow World will have 50 tonnes of ice at any given time.
  • Thermal clothes like Jerkin, Gloves, Shoes etc are provided and disinfected after the use of each person to provide a clean, healthy, thermal clothes to one and all.
  • The duration of each programme is 20 minutes.
  • This temperature is recommended for good health.
  • A thrilling cave tunnel has a waiting room through which you pass before you enter into the Mega Snow World.
  • The music in Mega Snow World is programmed so that every 20 minutes, it has a different type of music. This will make you feel that you are in a cave in Switzerland.
  • For every entrant a passport will be issued. This passport will have five entry visas to the Mega Snow World and every time a visa is used by the same person a discount of Rs. 10/- is given.
  • Further you have a photographer who will book your orders. He will take pictures of you and your family when you are enjoying in the Mega Snow World, which would either be fitted in your passport or printed in your T-.Shirt or Kerchief, Mug, Key Chains Etc., according to your wish.

The other enjoyments are as follows :

  • Exotic Snow Sledges
  • Have the divine darshan of Mount Manasarovar and Amarnath Ice Lingam
  • Artic, Antarctic Igloos
  • Build your own Snow Man
  • An educative programme for children in the form of 3-D Museum. Which says – All about snow, you want to know.
  • Enjoyment is guaranteed for everyone who enters and he would crave to come back once again.
  • Abirami Mega Snow World has a real Snow falling on you and around you. , unbelievable but true. This concept is unique and can be enjoyed by all age groups.

A hot drink is given as you come out.

  • Come, enjoy the fun and have a HEAVENLY ICY RECREATION.
  • Working on all the 365 days from 10.00 a.m. to 10.00 p.m. for you


  • Maximum 50 Persons> Duration – 45 Minutes
  • Food to be ordered only from the Mall
  • Name Board will be placed at the entrance
  • Charges Rs.2000/- SAVE Rs.500/- on this package


  • Birthday cake with name (only for bulk booking)
  • Feather mask for each
  • Simple balloon decoration
  • Special decorations will be made on request (chargeable)
  • Movie tickets will be given on request (chargeable)

KIDS World:

Kids world that offers many opportunities for your children to explore, create, learn and have lots of fun! program that encourages children to explore history through activities that are fun.

It is a unique one with a Jungle Theme with lots of fun and frolic. You will be zapped with unbelievable, thrilling, adventurous games and rides. Fun is unlimited. The main features of Abirami Kids World are Hippo Kiddy Ride (power), Piggy Kiddy Ride (power), Six Seater Merry Go round (power), Boading Champion Games, Single sliding, Rainbow Game,Helicopter ride, Monkey tree, Basket Ball, Rocking Boat (plastic), Rocking Bike, Rocking horse, for all ages.

Time Duration :

45 minutes for each batch.

Open on all the 365 days.

Timings 10.00 a.m. to 10.00 p.m.

Birthday parties and bulk bookings are avaliable.

Dial a Ticket for home delivery anywhere in Chennai Call: 26424477, 26431022


Special features of Seven Stars:

  • Theme of the Theatre – Spanish Opera House
  • Special massage chairs plus 100% recliners
  • Waiter on call – to serve your desires (snacks, lunch, high tea and dinner etc.,)
  • Imported silver screen to show every depth.
  • Lobby, auditorium, wash rooms – all air conditioned
  • All signages digital
  • Pick up and drop facility with limousine. Pre paid auto service is also being an added attraction.

All the above are happening for the First Time in India. This theatre is 3-D film capable. Tickets, snacks etc. can be pre booked through internet. Dial a booking and advance booking two weeks ahead is also available. Special packages available.



Annai Abirami- the Pride of Chennai:

This is one of the second five star Theatre in india (First one is our Swarna sakthi Abirami Theatre)

Annai Abirami Thatre has the facility to watching movie in bed.

America’s most favorable love –bug seat arrangements is first time in India .

The surrounding and location like a palace of king of China.

The entire place including toilet is sterilized with Air conditioner

Photo card, trailer are all shown digitally

See, feel, hear the new experience in Annai Abirabi.


With Robots welcoming you Mind blowing Spaceship theme Twinkling stars in the roof Exclusive reclining seats Exclusive cafeteria for reclining Seats.

Swarna sakthi Abirami- the Pride of Chennai.

Welcome to Swarna Sakthi Abirami theatre, The first five star theatre of India providing bed and movie. 1St time in India nor heard! Nor Seen! The gold class seats are 100% recliners and by touch of a button in your seat you can adjust the position of the seat comfortable to you. There is also a table for each gold glass seat with a calling bell.You press the switch and a waiter will attend on you. The special features are

  • Photo cards, banners are all shown digitally
  • First theatre to have toilets also air-conditioned
  • There is an Egyptian thematic theatre
  • Watching a movie in a bed
  • In case of emergencies there are two emergency exits in the front lobby
  • See, feel, hear Swarna Sakthi Abirami

For more information please visit: http://www.abirami.in/

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