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V.G.P Universal Kingdom - Golden Beach Resort
Till 1975 the concept of amusement parks and beach resorts were popular only in foreign Countries. Mr VG Paneerdas brought in this sensational concept and captivated Indians back home. He created VG P Golden Beach, situated on the East Coast Road, its location is along the undulating shoreline and the shimmering white sand enhances its universal appeal. VGP became almost the popular name under the gentle tutelage of Mr. VG Santhosam and the fireband dynamism of Mr. VG Selvaraj. Mr.VGP Ravidas, the eldest son of VG Paneerdas joined forces with Mr.Selvaraj and together they nurtured this park to its current popularity decibel, all the while embellishing the VGP motif.

"Fun is a Serious Business" quotes Mr.VGP Ravidas, the managing director. An astute businessman with razor sharp intellect, he is single-minded in his approach to be the best in this business.

Always one to hitch their wagon to the stars and setting their sights on new horizons, the millennium has brought in new ventures onto completion and more onto their drawing boards, whose modalities are being worked out even now. Vgp universal kingdom is one of the top priority projects on their agenda and is today one of the most innovative amusement park in Chennai. Believing that "fun is a serious business " the managing director Mr. Ravidas is a chip of the old block, being the eldest son of the founder, he has also inherited a razor sharp intellect and the zest to better the best. Currently with more than 30 rides he has brought in more scintillating rides like the family roller coaster, the first of its kind in India, the mixer ride, the hydro bike, from all over Europe and United States. The latest collection of imported animated dolls has become the talk of the town literally.

The entire amusement park has been set in carefully landscaped terrain, amidst exquisite green velvet grass, luxuriant gardens, paved walkways, elaborate food courts, gushing, sparkling fountains, the whole works. More effort and money has been spared to make this park resplendent.

A rich history! A thrilling future! Seems to be the credo at vgp.

Rides and Attractions


AMUSEMENT Rides can be broadly categorised as (1) Children (2) Youth (3) Family .

CHILDREN RIDES are Carousels (Merry-go-round), Baby Train, Revolving Cups, Twister, Water Duck, Mini Duck, Helicopter, Jumping Frog, Water Boat, Orbiter, Alaudin, Jump-in-Star, Joy Train, Trampoline and Bouncer, Parachute Adventure, Go Racer. The Kiddies Rides Paradise which hosts an assortment of video games and more than 30 coin operated rides, in a centrally air-conditioned hall.

YOUTH RIDES are Super Trooper, Chair -o-Plane, Dashing Cars, Water Chute, Mixer, Roller Coaster, Euro Bungee, Hydro Bike Go- Karting, Rodeo Bull.

FAMILY RIDES are Aero ship, Giant wheel, Break Dance, Super jet, Balloon Racer, Roller Coaster, Orbiter.


VGP 2000 MILLENIUM TOWER: - is a huge resplendent 132 ft high tower, which marks the beginning of the New Millennium. The Tower is divided into 10 parts each indicating a century. The Globe at the top indicates the global entry of VGP.

WATER CASCADES: - remarkable stone murals and statues form the backdrop over Which gushing water cascades in a quintessential fall, spraying cool droplets all over in a myriad rainbow colours.

PANEER FORT: - created in 1980,designed as an ancient Chola Fort, in honour of The Founder Father-V.G. Paneeerdas, is History etched in stone. Exquistely carved Statues adorn the entire Fort, in an astonishing Sequence, never before seen in such Intricate detail. 6 Women statues on the left indicate six rivers- Ganga, Jamuna Saraswati, Brahmaputra, Krishna, and Godaveri. The six statues on the right depict Cauvery, Thenpennai, Vaigai, Palaru, Porunai, and Thamaraparani. The underlying Theme indicates that convergence of these rivers should prove adequate for the Water needs for all of India. There are 108 statues Pillars depicting famous characters from ancient Tamil History.

STATUE MAN: - the famous statue man is one of the stellar attractions of the VGP. Amusement Park. He is a picture of immobility and yet very real. The challenge here is to make him move and the prize is yours.

COOL ZONE:- standing under the rain umbrella, is a very cooling experience.

THE AQUARIUM:- the largest collection fish this side of the Divide can be found here Sporting the multi- colors of the rainbow,, fish of all sizes and shapes. Of all hues and colors ,of all species and class, they create a visual delight for the Young and the old alike.

THE DOLL KINGDOM: - the latest addition to the repertoire of the Amusement Park,, a collection of 50 animated dolls imported from Europe is a spectacular sight depicting famous Fairy tales juxtaposed with educational stories, these dolls move Animatedly and recreate familiar scenes more picturesquely. The first of its kind in India, it has taken the place by storm , and creating a History of Sorts.

SELVA ARANGAM:- Talk shows are conducted on Holidays in this venue.

JURRASSIC PARK:- Spielberg's Jurassic Park has been reinvented here with SFX that lends an eeriness to the ambience, directly transporting you to the realms of Jurassic Age and the era of the Dinosaurs. A must see for everyone.

FOOD COURT:- The Amusement Park is inlaid with an extensive Food Court. Their tantalizing aromas will definitely seduce your tastes.

GOLDEN CHAKRA:- serves you authentic Chinese and Indian Food.

SEA THROUGH RESTAURANT: - serves delectable fare of Chaats.

FAST FOOD Stall: - serves all tempting South Indian Dishes.

GOLDEN BEACH: - After a thoroughly exciting and enjoyable day ,relax and unwind on the golden sands of the Beach with dazzling blue waters beckoning you and the cool refreshing breeze caressing you. Its an unbelievable experience.

PARK TRAINS:- Drawn by high powered diesel engines, 2 park trains meanders through the entire amusement park, giving you tantalizing glimpses of the Fantasyland scenario and all the thrills awaiting you.

Part information:

  • The Park is open from 11.00 a.m to 7.30 p.m (8.00 p.m. on Weekends…) From Monday to Sunday.
  • A Public Call Booth Facility is provided opposite the Panner Fort.
  • Several toilets are also provided for your convenience.
  • A locker Room is near the entrance to the Park, so that your baggage and other personal effects are kept safely. You are however advised to keep your Cash, Jewellry, Credit cards & other valuables with you.
  • Extensive security is also provided for you. You are advised to keep children within your reach.
  • More Thrills and more spectacular Rides are already in the pipeline some of them in advanced stages. Watch this space for more updates soon.


VGP Universal Kingdom,
VGP Square, Chennai - 15. Phone - 044 - 24356900

For more information please visit:

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