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St. Thomas Mount Church, Chennai


St.Thomas Mount known as the "CALVARY OF SAINT THOMAS" is the place of the martyrdom of the Apostle with 135 steps and about 300 feet above the sea level.

The Shrine Chruch dedicated to OUR LADY OF EXPECTATION is built by the Portuguese in 1523 A.D. Itenshrines:

  • THE BLESSED SACRAMENT CHAPEL with its encompassing presence of the divine.
  • A RELIC: A piece of the Bone of St.Thomas.
  • THE BLEEDING CROSS: According to the tradition, it was carved by St.Thomas himself and while he was praying before it, he was martyred and it was stained with his own blood. This Cross was discovered in the 16th century A.D. When they dug the foundation for the Chruch. It used to sweat blood on the 18th December every year from 1551 to 1704 A.D.
  • THE MIRACULAOUS MADONNA OF OUR LADY: It is said to have been painted by St.Luke the Evangelist and brought here by St.Thomas. It is also popularly known as the "SCAPULAR OF ST.THOMAS."
  • FOURTEEN ANCIENT PAINTINGS:Those of Christ, St.Paul and the twelve Apostles are marvelous masterpieces of art and faith.
  • STATUE OF OUR LADY OF EXPECTATION in the sitting posture exhibits a graceful look and maternal benevolence.

THE STATIONS OF THE CROSS along the steps of the Mount are spots of inspiration. THE IMPOSING CALVARY overlooking the city of Chennai built by His Grace Archbishop Louis Mathias in 1963 evokes strong sentiments of devotion.

THE CONFESSIONAL CELL AND THE COUNSELING CABIN on the hill are available for the utility of the devotees.

THE PRAYER PARK on the way to the Shrine Chruch provides rich and lasting experiences for all those who enter there.

Shrine Liturgical Timings
6.30 a.m. Mass in Tamil
12.00 p.m. Mass in Tamil
6.00 p.m. Mass in Tamil

Sunday(and on all Govt. Holidays)
7.00 a.m Mass in Tamil
12.00 p.m Mass in English
6.00 p.m. Mass in Tamil

2nd of Every Month
4.00 p.m Syro Malankara Mass

3rd of Every Month (Day of St.Thomas)
Adoration From 7.00 a.m to 4.00 p.m
4.00 p.m Syro Malabar Mass

First Friday
Way of the Cross at 6.00 p.m
From St. Patrick's Chruch to the hill top, Mass

First Sunday (Thomas Sunday)
4.00 p.m Mass in Malayalam (Latin Rite)
5.00 p.m Car Procession around the Shrine
6.00 p.m Mass in Tamil

Important Festivals in the Shrine
Mary Mother of God - January 1 st
St. Thomas - First Sunday of July
Our Lady of Expectation - December 18th
Palm Sunday - Diocesan way of the Cross

New Moon Day
6.00 p.m Rosary around the Hill
7.00 p.m Mass
10.00 p.m Night Vigil
3.00 a.m Mass

Every Sunday
10.00 am - 4.00 p.m Full Day Retreat in Tamil

Every Day at 1.00 p.m - Love Meal for the Poor
Blood donation on all New Moon Days
From 7.00 p.m to 9.00 p.m

For information or donation contact

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