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Queensland, Amusement Park
"Queensland - The Great Amusement Park " was established in 2003 and is Promoted by Rajam Hotels (P) Ltd., who are in the Hospitality / Entertainment Industry.

Located on the Chennai - Bangalore Trunk Road - Half an hour drive from Chennai, " Queensland - The Great Amusement Park " is spread over a very large area of 70 acres.

Queensland is one of the best Amusement Parks that reckons with the best global standards. Particularly it is a place really worth spending your valuable time with. Every one will accept the fact being the valuable money that is being spent by our valuable visitors had fetched more value. It is a real boom to the Chennaiites.

Queensland pulls many valuable guests with its most scintillating rides that are totally amazing to witness. The splendour of the park mainly lies in its well-planned ambience and layout compatible to international standards. It has exclusive rides for FAMILY/ADULTS/CHILDREN. Today Queensland is the talk of the town.


1.Cable Car
The main attraction in Queensland is the cable car. The longest cable car ride in Queensland Park with 80 twin compartments neatly decorated and fully secured that covers a distance of 1.5 km in 30 minutes. This is one of the longest in India.

2. Free Fall Tower
One of the tallest towers in South East Asia. This ride is only meant for adults and fairly grown ups. People can enjoy the floating sensation while going up and coming down. The tower has seating capacity for 24 persons that goes to a height of 150 feet.

3. Centrox
This wonderful ride is for everyone. In the world there are only 3 such machines. We are one of the proud owners. This ride will give thrilling experience while rotating at the height of 30 feet and while rotating at 83º to all who use that. It has safety lock that protects all the passengers from all eventualities. It is 28 seater.

4. Alpen Blitz
This is a ride for adventurous adults and fun-loving middle aged group. This ride rolls at 45º with total safety system. This ride is made in Germany, which no other park in India has.

6. Longest Train Journey
Longest train track with a surprise fun tunnel. It goes at a speed of 15 km/h to maximise the pleasure to the passengers. The passengers can stop in three stations and watch the fun of other rides. The track distance is 3 km, which is the longest track in this segment in South East Asia. It can carry 100 persons at at time.

7. Himalayan Water Ride / Other Water Slides
This is one the Asia's largest water rides, which covers a distance of 550 meters at a stretch filled with lots of fun. There are many other water slides and full/half twisters attached to the water pool that will be most thrilling to youngsters and children.

8. Boating
Very large boating area when compared to any other Indian Parks with High/low Speed mechanised Boats. The island created inside the lake gives added beauty.


Queens Land
Bangalore Trunk Road, Palanjur, Chennai - 602 103.
Ph: +91 - 44 - 26811124, 26811136

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