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Kanyakumari Beach
Kanyakumari is famous for its beach and the magnificent sunrises and emotive sunsets, especially on full moon days. Kanyakumari is also popular for its vast foliar stretches of paddy fields, rich forests, coconut groves and mineral sands. The beach here does not usually offer one the opportunities to sunbathe on soft silver sands, either to frolic in the waves or in the sands. The seashore is rocky and dangerous, and there is a manmade wall running along it. People are warned to stay off the rocks, and when if someone moves out of bounds, he or she is quickly and severely admonished by a watchful policeman. There is a lighthouse from where one can get a panoramic view. The sea is fairly rough, so it is entertaining to watch it beat itself against the rocks and then subside, before it gathers itself up for another attack. With long stretches of sands of many hues, the beach welcomes you to capture the waves of change. Spectrums of shells are on sale on the Kanyakumari beach.

Due to it's friendship with the sea, Kanyakumari enjoys a pleasant climate and can be visited throughout the year. However, the most enjoyable season to visit this place is between October and March. During summers, the temperature can elevate to a high of 34.8°C while it can dip to a low of 20.4°C during winters.

The main attraction of the place is Vivekananda Rock memorial, which was built in 1970. Vivekananda was a social reformer and saint of modern India. He is supposed to have meditated on the rock where the memorial stands. Ferry service is also available for visiting the memorial. Gandhi memorial and Guganatha swamy temple are two other tourist spots in the area

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