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Amusement Parks in Chennai
Discovering Chennai is a timeless journey, a journey filled with treasures, temples, shrines, forts and palaces. This is the “Gateway of South India” and its time that we take you through this journey. Chennai, also known as Madras, one of the four major metropolitan cities of India, is the capital of the southeastern state of Tamil Nadu. The exotic state is famous for its cutworks in the temples, coconut fringes, and silk saris. More.

KISHKINTA is a Theme Park set in 120 acres of specially landscaped hills and lakes... More.

MGM Dizzy World

First to none when it's compared to fun - filled, high - energy entertainment and is synonymous with some... More.


Queensland is one of the best Amusement Parks that reckons with the best global standards... More.

V.G.P Universal Kingdom

Till 1975 the concept of amusement parks and beach resorts were popular only in foreign Countries... More.

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